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About Us

About Us

Techdev Ltd is a global Software and Consultancy development… our client’s future is our future. Your goals are our goals!

We are a team of problem solvers, thinkers, programmers, designers and business advisory consultants who deliver creative, world-class solutions across a wide range of disciplines.

Contact us now and together we can deliver your business solutions.

The business solutions we develop to solve our clients’ challenges are driven by our mindset and culture of understanding the problems first, innovation and implementation.

Our Story

We have worked and partnered with SMEs, leading companies and governments to design interfaces, develop apps, and solve problems. We believe in innovation and our motto is IMPLEMENTATION. Our goal is to deliver self-sustaining and purposeful products to our clients.

Some of our clients include

What we offer

We solve business challenges and help you hit business goals through our tailored, result-driven and easy-to-use software.

Our Services

Diverse Approach

We explore at the table win-win strategies to ensure your goals are hit with bull’s eye accuracy at the end of the day.

Expert Advice

We parade an array of expert matter consultants with finest industry experience that matches and stimulates solutions-fit for use and purpose...
A market-fit approach that is neither under engineered or over-engineered.

Professional Team

We are a team of Domain- techno-functional consultants with depth and breath across entire Technology business landscape.

Result Based

Every engagement is guided by measurable and predefined Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of what success looks like

Enhance and Improve Your Productivity With Our Bespoke Software Solutions

Arguably the benefit that technology has provided to the business world is a phenomenal increase in productivity. Technology allows us to complete tasks that historically took days even weeks now in only few moments.

The ability to use software to both capture customer data and get desired result with it is one of the most important tech innovations and yet a challenge in business today.

How do you get the right outcome out of the right data from the right people at the right time?

Talk to us at Techdev and together we will innovate and deliver the best solution for your business needs.